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  Founded in 1962 by Lea Wallace
and her sister Gia. They were modern dancers and self-taught puppeteers who operated a dance and puppet studio in Greenwich Village.

(left to right) portrait of Gia and Lea WallacePhoto by James Kriegsmann / Publicity Photo c. 1950

Puppetry Guild of Greater New York became a chartered guild of Puppeteers of America in 1966, and was signed by over 87 puppeteers.

(below) Image of POA charter document.

1966 PGOGY PoA charter

PuPPEteers Social club

Puppetry Guild of Greater New York remains the central hub for people 
who love puppets, offering puppetry workshops taught by leading professionals in the field, discounts & tickets to shows, opportunities to network or perform, and distributing publications and newsletters.

The Puppetry Guild of Greater New York continues to unite and foster a home for the puppetry community, where friends and families uncover more insight into the world of puppetry in the metropolitan area.

Puppetry Guild of Greater New York
the Years

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