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Upcoming Events!

Lois Corwin, Geoff Jones and Carol Sterling, doing their one-minute improv piece, from the January Guild meeting, 2018.  Photo by Marshall Katzman.


Building Community

  • Meetings: We gather five times a year, with a variety of activities, discussion topics, special guests, and, of course, a pot luck. 

  • Member Nights: We plan group nights out to an event or show in the city (with a special discount) and, sometimes, an exclusive talkback afterwards.

  • Workshops: We host mini workshops by special guests in devising, puppetry, and building. 

Upcoming Events!

Benefits of being a member

  • Free attendance to the bi-monthly meetings 

  • Discounts to shows for PGOGNY member nights

  • Discounts at certain suppliers, like Canal Rubber

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter, Puppet Master 



Meet and Greet

Looking for a puppeteer or puppet builder? New to the city and want to know where to go for all things puppet?  Contact us, and we can get you started!


Jim Henson's membership card from the Jim Henson Company Archives October 1983


Jim Henson's membership card from the Jim Henson Company Archives
September 1972

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